Co-eperative bank- Economic Analyst


Has anyone applied to work at Cooperative bank? I applied for the economic analyst position on the 24th and was sent the SHL Numerical and verbal online test on the 1st and then told to complete it by the 4th which I did at like 11pm. I was informed before the test that

:"Please note this is the first stage of the assessment process. If you are successful you will be invited to complete further stages such as:

Competency based interview on Monday 11th August or Tuesday 12th August at our London office’

However, after the test, I didn’t receive an email or anything to confirm that i had completed neither did I receive a rejection. I’m not sure whether I passed it or not. Does anyone know? I’m curious because the assessment day is in a few days and i haven’t been updated or anything. Has anyone gone though the process before ? Do you receive an automatic rejection after completing the test or how long do they take to reach out to you after the online test? also what is the pass mark?

Thank you


sorry for the spelling- I don’t know if I can edit it or not.