CMS Cameron Mckenna Training Contract Application

CMS Cameron McKenna

Hi Everyone,

I am doing the Cameron Mckenna training contract application and one of the questions is to choose a sector group of the firm and summarise the biggest challenges and opportunities they will face in the future.

I have done my research and the firm is faultless, with being rated among the top 5 in Europe and outstanding pro bono work. Can any one please give some tips on how to approach this question. Any help will be highly appreciated.


Just because a firm is in your opinion faultless ,and rest assured CMS aren’t (and only Slaughter & May think they’re faultless), it doesn’t mean it doesn’t face challenges. Every business always faces challenges. The Lawyer specifically is full of articles on this topic. Even wider news sources will touch on economic challenges facing businesses. Likewise, there are always opportunities for improvement or growth. All I can advise is to do a bit of research. The HR department don’t expect you to come up with an entirely original top-level critique of CMS’ business. They just want evidence that you know something about the legal business and the current business environment for law firms. I would suggest that all the information you need can be easily located using google.