CMS Cameron Mckenna TC Assessment day

CMS Cameron McKenna

Hi guys,

I’ve got to prepare a presentation for the CM Assessment day and was wondering if anyone has got any useful websites or tips on where I could get some info for the following two topics.

  1. It is quite possible that, before too long, a law firm will be floated - i.e. have its shares admitted to a UK market and allow investors to buy them. With CMS Cameron McKenna in mind, what sort of issues would need to be considered if the firm were to propose floating?

  2. Taking into account the firm’s values (Trust, Support, Discipline, Candour, Stretch) what improvements do you think CMS Cameron McKenna could make to the service it offers its clients?

Any help would be very much appreciated!



Hi Solicitor2b Have you had your assessment day yet? If so which question did you pick and why? I have mine coming up soon and am undecided as to which one to pick. I’d really appreciate any help.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I havent had my AC yet, but ive decided upon the latter question simply because i feel i dont think i could go into depth on the floating question.

my plan is to just look at all the services they provide and from there think of new ones to add, that are inline the firms values.



Yea I was thinking the same? I can see it being tough though cause we don’t know the inns and outs of all the client services they provide all ready so we may end up suggesting something they already do which could look really bad. The former would just require a list of issues which may be harder to go wrong with…