CMC Markets


Hi, I have an interview with CMC Markets tomorrow. Does anybody know about their recruitment process??


Is it an interview or an assessment day? What job role is it for exactly?


It’s an interview for Services. Do you know anything about the company?


They are a [[spread betting (spreadbetting)|spreadbetting]] company. They make their money not by placing real trades but by allowing customers to place ‘bets’ on the direction the market will move. In a legal sense it is betting and not investing, and consequently is immune from capital gains tax and income tax, which affects investments. They are one of the companies attempting to bring trading to the consumer, and have also received a lot of negative press for this, as most consumers are not qualified to be trading, and have lost a lot of money.

Did you have a look at their website? I think you can download and trial their software to get an idea of how it works.


Do you mean an interview for customer services?


I can confirm that, chrism2671. I went for a demo into their office at CMC as that was advertised. I went in and it came out that Demo doesnt even exist. Asking certain questions about the rules of spreadbetting I got misty and evasive answers. At the and I opened an own real account but it makes very strange things sometimes... e.g. I cant close options sometimes, I cant fill my account for a reason - so the absolut 0 account is the result, the spreads jump up suddenly up to 3fold amount etc. You cant even get information about spreads from their website as it is just not working, in the meanwhile they are advertising they have the tightest spread, but it is not like that. Either believe them or not, you can`t check it.

So the only aim to get clients in any way.