Clyde & Co. Assessment Day


I will attend the Clyde and Co. assessment day in a couple of weeks. Any advice or information will be appreciated.


Here is my experience with Clyde & Co assessment day. There are two assessment days, I only made it to the first one. The day consists of

  1. Case study
  2. Interview with the HR team
  3. Critical Reasoning Test

*1 and 3 may be interchanged.

  1. The case study consists of a commercial/contract related question. Mine was regarding a bus that crashed and injured its passengers. You were suppose to advice a passenger on his chances of success in pursuing a civil action against the bus driver or the employer. A series of different side stories were given including a fast car that happened to cross paths with the bus, the activities on the bus just before the accident occurred and a mechanic report the day before the accident that falsely suggested the bus was in good shape.

  2. The interview takes about 20 mins. It is purely and strictly on your application. Know it by heart & make sure u r able to expand on it. They also ask you to talk about a recent commercial activity that has attracted your attention and to elaborate further.

  3. Its a standard verbal reasoning test with about 6-7 passages each containing 4-5 questions. Overall there is 30 questions and 30 mins allocated.

Hope this helps.


Cheers, jobsearcher. The information and advice above are great and certainly help to calm down my nerves.

With regards to the case studies, do interviewees get different cases? Are we supposed to have sufficient knowledge in tort/contract law to advise? Are there legal instructions attached to the case?

Is the verbal reasoning test the traditional ‘true, false or can not say’ style?

Good luck with your job search. You will be fine.


iv got potential assessment centre days to attend at The Open University for Graduate Management Scheme… any1 have any tips on what I could expect and what might be in store for me?


hey legalcareer. i am not sure if interviewees get different cases. if i had to guess i wud say they have a few case studies that get rotated on various assessment days. i wud say u have a good chance of landing on the same scenario i mentioned. although they clearly say u don’t need any legal knowledge, i thought a general knowledge of tort and contract in that scenario was necessary. but again, they strictly say u dont need to know about the law and in fact there was another person in the same assessment centre that was a history major. so i guess if u tackle it from a commercial/common-sense angle u shud be fine. and no, no legal instructions are attached.

yes the verbal reasoning test is the traditional one consisting of two diff types of answers as far as i remember

  1. true, false or can not say.
  2. what is the best substitute for the word ‘X’ in the passage (a list of words to choose from is then given)

hope this helps.

now does anyone know anything about Lovells? I have mine next week. nervous as hell!


‘’‘Job searcher’’’ and ‘’‘Legalcareer’’’ - have you guys interviewed anywhere else? We could use all the help we can get to really build the law interview profiles into something special ‘’’:p’’’ …would you be willing to help?..

‘’‘Jobsearcher’’’ - my friends sister works at ‘’’[[Lovells]]’’’. I’ll try to put you in contact direct/get everything I can from her. Great firm. Long hours. Be warned…!

P.S. please do pester me if I don’t get back to you on this…


I’d love to help you but [[Clyde & Co]] info is hard to find. However, there is nothing to stop you calling up their HR and asking what the [[assessment day]] will entail and then looking at profiles of other law firms to pick up tips on similar exercises.

Will you help us build a wiki profile on the firm after your interview?


Redsuperted: I would love to help. After I am done all my interviews I can provide a detailed breakdown of what I went through.


Redsuperted:I would certainly do that too.


Hi I have an interview with Clydes coming up, I was just wondering what other questions they asked in the interview and what they were looking for in the letter. Did anyone get given any feedback? Thanks.