Cloud Computing


I was just wondering what your opinions were on the threats to, and preparedness for, cloud computing within the audit profession.

I believe that it is a big threat to the way the profession approaches jobs and increases the audit risks hugely. I am still struggling to get my head around how safe it is. If someone can hack your laptop, then sure the data cloud is just as easily (?) hacked.

I for one would need a great deal of convincing before I transferred my systems to ‘the cloud’


I’m not the most computer literate person in the world, but I’m also concerned as to how cloud computing could ever be safe enough to be acceptable for company data, especially withh all the stories about hacking attacks coming from China.

This move to cloud computing, if it happens, will be a big problem for the audit and accounting professions.



The companies developing cloud computing and pushing it so aggressively must have thought long and hard about security.

I am sure that their systems are up to the job. Surely our responsibility as accounts or auditors is to examine the security features, gain confidence in their adequacy and then do our jobs.

Accounting records have never been totally secure. In the past theives could have broken into offices and stolen a company’s records so I dont see how this situation is any different.

We just need to move on and like always, ensure that all the appropriate steps have been taken to ensure that the records are as safe as possible.



you make a good point. We need to move with the times and adapt to new security measures.