Client Service Administrator -PWC. Blooming heck, help!


Hi Guys,

Got an interview coming up with PWC for a client service administrator.

No word of a lie, I am literally cra*ing myself lol I suffer a lot of anxiety problems as well and its been some time since I have had an interview. I’m really scared. Even as I type this I feel really tense. People that I have spoken to say that I can do it. But they don’t know the real me and what lies beneath my calm exterior.

I have passed the online numerical and verbal test.

Got a call to say I had passed, they will ask me for an competency interview and on that same day they will give me another numerical and verbal test ( ! )

May I please ask:

  1. What is this numerical test and verbal test they will give on the day? They are not saying what the test includes…will it be the same as an online test or like a psychometric test?

  2. What kind for questions will they ask? I have read the forums and I cannot find q-a for admin positions like these…many are just tailored for graduates, can someone please help? : (



I suffered with anxiety too. I remember exactly what it’s like. If you’re not already seeing a therapist to help with the symptoms, give it a go. It changed my life, in fact I couldn’t have got work experience or got through the EY interviews before i had treatment for anxiety. Do send me a message if you want any help on how to get treatment, or find a therapist.

OK the thing that helped me in interviews is remembering that they are NOT out to get you. They are not your enemy. In fact, they WANT you to do well. They want to find a good candidate PDQ, fill the slot and no more hassle. Think of it as a collaboration where you both work together to find out if you’re suited to the job.

Try looking up some meditation or guided relaxation exercises online. I did these with my therapist. It slowly makes you aware of how you become tense and how to relax, until you can calm yourself down quickly in a stressful situation.

For an administrative position I’d use a good interview technique book, eg The Interview Book by James Innes is my favourite. I wish I could help more with the interview Qs.

Good luck, send me a message if you like :smiley:


Hello Ameen Ameen,

Hope your interview went well and you been offered the job. I have an interview today at 15:00. I was wondering if you could please share you experience perhaps advise me on the test. I know its a bit last minute but I hope you find this message before my interview :stuck_out_tongue: