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I have registered with the Fast Stream candidate website, and am now at the point where I need to ‘add a scheme’ to apply for. In my case, this is the graduate fast stream. Before submitting I get this message:

GFS eligibility overview

Eligibility for schemes is restricted by nationality and educational qualification. Please complete the questions on the next page to check your eligibility.

Once you submit your eligibility, you will then have 7 DAYS to complete the next stage of your application. You should only submit your eligibility when you are ready to undertake the next stage, which is a self assessment on-line test.

Please ensure you complete this eligibility step before the scheme closing date.

Is the aforementioned self assessment on-line test the first round of verbal and numerical reasoning tests? In the fast stream FAQs section, they only refer to on-line selection tests as opposed to self-assessment tests. I am hesitant in proceeding any further with my application because I wish to allow myself sufficient time to prepare for the verbal and numerical reasoning tests. However, if the self assessment on-line test is something different to psychomeric testing, I would like more information.

Any help would be appreciated.


No it it not the first round of verbal reasoning. As stated, these are self assessed. They are for your benefit to see how you do. They will have no bearing on your application. After that stage you will have the practice tests and then after this, you will do the actual on-line tests to which you are referring to. I am currently at this stage (Actual assessed on-line tests).



So once I begin this stage, the aforementioned 7 days are solely for me to complete the self assessment? Not including numerical and verbal reasoning.
I realise I am being a little neurotic to say the least!


Yes. When you complete it, you will get 7 days for the next exercise and so on.


Safer just doing it and see how well you do- so you know how much work you have to do. Have to admit completed the SHL practice tests and they are nothing like the self assessment. Better to do the self assessment to get a better insight as to what they are really like. However what they fail to tell you ist that you only get one chance and you are not given the answers to see what you got right or wrong…


Can anyone recommend any free websites or books that are actually a true representation of the tests?


Are SHL tests really nothing like the self-assessment? They are recommended in the fast stream’s guidelines for practicing! That seems a bit pointless.

How are they different do you reckon? Is SHL too easy/difficult, or is it more that the type of questions are very different?

It’d be good to get more practice than just the one go at the self-assessment!


How do the real numerical reasoning tests compare to the practice ones offered immediately before them?


TBH, I found them a lot easier than the practice ones (Even though I got top 15% in practice). But I guess it will be different for everyone.


I found the self-assessment numerical reasoning fairly easy, but the practice one a little harder…

Regardless, both were easier than any practice one I’ve seen elsewhere.


Hi, I took the tests on the 20 November and its still telling me to await results. Anyone else having similar issues?