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Has any one been through City Financial traders? They ask for a fee…any thoughts?


I’ve heard of City Financial Traders. They came to do a presentation at London School of Economics in my final year of my degree. They were very impressive.

I went into an interview with these guys and successfully passed. I am currently enrolled into their training programme to become a trader; it’s a 12 week training programme. The training programme is specific designed for trading the financial markets and is very compressive.

I have been on their trading floor in Canary Wharf and was amazed. It’s a small floor with around 20 traders, it is a very fast paced environment and I meet a guy called Richard Peterson who is a director. He has worked in all the major investment banks, is very savvy and really knows his stuff.

I did the programme with these guys as I wanted to learn from professionals first, before I started trading the markets. I knew I would go far with this.
I am just about to start my work placement in a trading firm and I owe it all to City Financial Traders.


City Financial Traders came to do a presentation at my University which is Cass Business School. They train graduates to be traders and charge a fee. Then place you in the trading firm.

I have an interview with them this week.


My opinion on City Financial Traders

I decided on a career change into trading at the beginning of 2011. After a lot of research I chose City Financial Traders. It’s an all-in-one company that offers trader training along with career advice such as CV writing and interview preparation.

The training is done by a trader, which I prefer. I was a novice at Trading and I cannot recommend City Financial Traders enough. The course trainers are excellent, especially Richard who infects you which his enthusiasm and is very patient in explaining concepts that a beginner in trading may find difficult to understand. If you have ambition and are prepared to work hard then City Financial Traders is the place to go. At no extra cost I had one to one private sessions with the trainers the week before I took my exams and it made a BIG difference, not only in knowledge but in confidence as well.

The whole City Financial Traders experience is, in my opinion very good value for money. For those looking for a career in trading you really should give City Financial Traders a go. I am now employed by one of the UK’s largest trading analyst outsourcing companies and I’m gaining valuable experience that can only enhance my employment prospects for the future.


Thx guys for your reply!


Hi, I am thinking of starting this programme . How did you find the 4 exams?

I had an interview with them. I am really excited, but in the past something like this came up. I was asked for £8000, it turned out to be a scam. I didn’t pay them and my university careers advisor helped me through this horrible experience.

Which company are you going to start your placement with, just to get an idea?

Thx for your advice.


Is anyone willing to discuss what you paid for the course? Email me please on


They call themselves City FT. I thought that is city financial traders. But when I Googled Richard Peterson (founder of city financial traders) another site appeared, City Forex Traders! Also based in tower 42! mmmmm.

Any thoughts???


For me I was looking for a career change and wanted to get into trading.

Initially, I tried for many trading firms but they always rejected me. In fact, I never heard a reply back from them.

So I found City Financial Traders. After researching into them, I did the programme and it has worked well for me. I was scared about the 4 exams (I hate doing exams), but some are multiple choice and the topics you cover in the exams are really crucial in terms of trading. The mentors helped me through the theory side of trading.

I can’t thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to really prove myself. I knew that one day I would be successful in life and now I am doing that.

I think Richard set up a trader training firm City Financial Traders and a home trader firm City Forex Traders. I did a one week training session with Richard as part of the programme. Richard is like the stereotypical trader, slick hair back, smart suit, shiny shoes and expensive watch. He is very stern and aggressive in the market, but he really knowns his stuff.

In my opinion, if you are going to be 100% committed to trading and if it is your dream, then go for it.


I received a call yesterday n my interview is scheduled for monday they said they ll email me but have’nt received any email till yet.

I have completed my MBA applied loads of job with great dedication but no response .In the meanwhile I developed interest in trading n till now I am doing good on my own…n to be honest this is my dream n I believe this is what i want to do in life…

I am eager to join the course…I wanted to know more information regarding the company as there are other companies which offer the same types of course in the market like futex …amplify trading n many more…

Thanking You…


Hi Guys

I am currently on the last week of the trader work placement with City Financial Traders, not long to go before I get my trading job. I am doing a work placement for a hedge fund which trades the foreign exchange market. The traders here are very advanced and it is a dream job. The work placement is paid, which is great. The trading itself seems very hard in the beginning as there is so much to learn, but when you get your head down and really focus it is amazing. I love every minute of this job, I work with very intelligent people, work in the city and get to meet loads of new people.

With City Financial Traders you do 4 exams, work placement and then you get your trading job. The exams are really good and prepare you for the world of trading. The work placement, which I am doing now is the best part. I get to trade on the live market. But it is not easy, I have to start work at 7:00am everyday and work my guts out.

I feel like my career has been given the boost it deserves thanks to City Financial Traders giving me the opportunity. If it wasn’t for them, I would be where I am today.

Before I joined with City Financial Traders I was very eager to do the course. I looked into loads of companies, but for me City Financial Traders sounded the best. They are based in the heart of London, they focus on the popular financial market and they offered payment options for the course.

I think if you are serious about becoming a trader then this is a great course for you.

Thanks Guy.


Also I found City Financial Trader when they came to do a seminar presentation at my uni which was Imperial college london. I have an MBA aswell.


Hey everyone,

I am currently on the final weeks City Financial Trader course. It has been very interesting process.

I have learnt a lot when it comes to trading. The technical analysis skills are very detailed and you learn alot about how to trade. They also have a trading strategy exam, where you go into the trading floor and trade it on a live market. That was the most intense week of my life, and I learnt so much.

I am just about to sit my exams and will let you know how it goes.

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to be a trader as it is a career where sky is the limit.



A friend of mine recommended City Financial Traders program, we both went to warwick university together. He invited me to visit him at there trading floor in Canary Wharf. It was amazing, I have always seen trading firms / traders on TV but never in real life. I wanted to join so I was asked to drop a CV in, I went to the interviews and was asked to take an assessment after the 2nd interview as I didn’t do well in my degree, I am just waiting to hear if I have passed the assessment.

How did you guys find the assessment?



I have completed and passed the 4 modules and will start the work placement mid June.
Is any one else starting at this date?



I have heard of City Financial Traders. Their website is

I must admit I was sceptical when I saw the advert in the Financial Times newspaper for Trainee Financial Traders. These guy guarantee you a job in trading if you pass their interview and pass their programme.

But I read this forum and it really helped me to appreciate this company. I can see from here that you guys have had good experiences with this company so I went in for one of their interviews.

I passed the interview and did a maths test, now I am on their programme waiting to start soon. I can’t wait. I am so excited. I went to their trading floor, met with some traders, it is exactly what I want to do. What experience have you guys had?


I have done my research on City Financial Traders and thanks to these reviews it has helped me. Thanks.


Richard held a seminar at LSE last year. They seem really good. I am in the process of applying to them. Hopefully I get accepted.


Hi sarah,

Cld u please provide me information regarding the fees n where were u placed

Thank u


Hi everyone…

Can anyone please discuss the fees they paid for the course n where were they recruited as I want to join the course but bit skeptical about them.

My email is