Citigroup Sales and Trading Summer Internship FINAL ROUND


Can someone please please please please please offer me some advice as to how technical the final round interviews are at Citi

Do they throw in brain-teasers


what is the case study thing about and what is the group discussion about



I had my final round yesterday,

Can anyone notify us if Citi has got back to them regarding an offer or rejection?



I am going to attend the final round for Origination. Can u tell me more about your final round? What kind of questions were there?



please use the relevant topic forum as this is purely for Sales and Trading.


i got the offer!!!


i got the offaaaaaaaa


congrats ABC!!


Grats first,

Secondly, I hope you don’t also act like that in the trading floor abc. If I hear someone screaming in the trading floor during summer, I probably know its you.

Don’t tell me your from Cambridge=P


mate, congrats… can u please tell me what was the the AC look like… can u tell me more about the interview… what kind of questions did u get… what about the group work and the individual work?



Dear all,

I wish you all the very best with your future careers. The AC consists of 3 interviews, a group exercise, a 1-2-1 presentation with a member of the business and a written report of a case study.

nerva 10 - sorry but just very happy…


Hi abc, congrats on the offer! Could you please share with us more about the case study? What was it about and what did they ask? Was all the information needed given or do we need to apply our own knowledge as well? Thanks!!


hi, does anyone know if there will be anymore AC’s for sales and trading at citi? i applied quite a while back and completed the numerical and havent heard anything for over a month…thanks


jobseeker123 - everything is given - be yourself and you should be fine. interviews similar to 1st round and group exercise is fine.


not sure how many of you are still following the thread but just heard back from Citi HR to schedule for telephone interview this week. I wouldve assumed that the AC for summer sales & trading was over but guess not.
has anyone been called in for interviews lately?