Citigroup Capital Markets Origination First Round


Has anyone been through the first round interview stage at Citi for CMO? I’ve got it this week, so any information would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!


hey, congrats!

I applied for the CMO summer internship on 14 october but no word yet…when did you apply? grad or internship?
what are the stages in their recruitment process?



im applying for grad programme…i applied early october…this is just a first round interview stage - its 4 hours long, but dont really know what it involves…i think its a numerical test and competency interviews, tho was hoping someone could shed some light!


Same here, I also have an interview for CMO graduate coming up soon.

and would appreciate someone who can share some experience.



hey guys,

just received an invitation to online testing from citi capital markets origination

can anyone shed light on what to expect?

is it SHL or PSL?

does it also involve verbal testing?

many thanks


SHL - no verbal. just numerical.


oh great, thanks!


hey guys,

did anyone attend the first round interviews on 5th Nov? Any reply?



I have a first-round coming up with Citi CMO, for a full-time role. Can anyone share their experiences? What kind of questions can I expect?


hey craze peep is urs on 11 Jan? i have the same on 11 Jan.


yup, on the 11th. arrgh.
You have any idea on what to expect?


from what i have heard its similar to the ones where they have anlysts doing the interview as opposed to HR…ie stuff abt market(ecm dcm etc) n some competency.


@ Mustafa

thx for sharing , i have internship ac coming up… u think we get presentation or group exercise?


i m not really sure…there is definitely some interviews…and atleast one of the other 2…not that helpful tho.


anyone who is going to the AC on monday please share your insights =)) much appreciated!


Anybody heard back from the AC on 24.02?


Hello, Guys…
I did my online test more than a month ago and haven’t received any reply , not even a rejection letter…should I consider myself being rejected already? as it’s already the end of February…



mz6785, which department? and as I told u in the another thread… don’t panic… have patience!


hey I didn’t realise that I asked in two threads!
I applied for ICG- Global Transaction Services summer analyst internship…donno how it goes…