Citigroup AC


Hello everyone,
I have been invited to citigroup Assessment Center with technology division in mid February. Is there any guys who have been to their AC? Would you like to share your experience here? What it looks like and how many section does it have? Many thanks in advance.


hey drcamsophia,

have u applied for an internship or a graduate role??

I applied for graduate role for operations for sept 09 start i did the test and havent heard since october the 9th…



hi CK, I applied grad role in October.


Hi dr,

i think i may have 2 drop them an email!

you dont have there email by any chance do you?



Hi drca…

I applied to the technology division of citi in OCT as well and I havent heard from them as yet…I kept emailing them and they said my application is in the pipeline…I am really glad that u got AC call for technlogy division…maybe they will get back to me as well…


Thank you, Unlucky. I think they might be still organising further interviews. Anyway, there will be chance.


hi CK, I don’t have the email contacts of the division operation which you applied. I think you can find the one you need on your online application website. Good luck!


thanx drca…btw when did u make ur application and when did u have ur frst interview? was it over the phone?..i applied on 10 oct…


HI Drcamsophia…

Thats alrite i had emailed them the contacted me back and said they have got application and test reults and will let me know as soon as they can!

which doesnt help at all!

gd luck with ur interview or a.c you have! which one isit?



Hi unlucky, my first round interview was in London on 21st Jan and it’s face to face interview. I applied at the beginning of Oct.


hi drca,

I got an email from them that my application is still in the piepline…


Hi drca !

How did the AC go?


Hi drca…

Did u hear from citi after the AC? was it…do u know anything about other AC being held by citi??



I have problems finding practice for the SHL DIagrammatic served in first round (technology) - its not difficult but speed is required. I am looking for where to get similar practice questions as shl doesnt give that particular type as practice on

Anybody know where I can get practice diagrammatic similar to those given by citigroup in first round?


hi everyone,I have an AC with Citigroup,has anyone been to citigroup 'sAC,can some please shed more light on this.what sort of presentation are you gonna do and how is the group exercise?And how many business managers are you going to be interviewed by?


I had an AC for a placement last year, they’re pretty standard, long day though…

  1. 3 Interviews with managers (30mins each) - vary between technical and competency based on the interviewer and your role but generally they want to be able to chat with you

  2. Presentation - can’t remember how long to prepare for a 5-10min presentation with slides and questions at the end

  3. Group exercise - Reading own material, discuss it as a group and come to a combined decision

  4. Numerical test - they left ours to the last annoyingly!


I just got an intern from CITI, wonder if it’s possible to change the offer to a full time analyst? Not after 10weeks? Anyone has experienced this before?

Tanks for the help


Hi guys,

I’m taking part in the Citi inter-university Trading game on the 26th January? Anyone competed in it or no much about it? They haven’t given us any info regarding what we will actually be doing. Not sure how to prepare. Any advice?

Much appreciated, thanks!