If you don’t pass citi’s numerical reasoning do you just never hear from them again?

I did the test for Risk sometime in December and have not heard anything since!

Thanks for any insight


Most likely; you did not match their benchmark! It is likely to be a rejection, however, you should drop the HR personnel responsible an email or call to clarify.


Hey guys, I attended a Citi AC (S&T), last Monday. It has been more than a week, and I haven’t heard back, yet. Do i consider this a rejection, or is there still some chance? Anyone with similar experience?


well, quite rejected, I’m afraid…

but call them up and verify…


guys i have an assessment centre coming up with citigroup tomorrow for S + T (intern).

Could you please give me some insight as to what is asked in the 3 interviews - is there much technical knowledge and do I need to prepare for the worst?

I’m thinking,

If I know

  1. Citigroup as a company
  2. My competency answers
  3. The role I’m applying for and what i’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis
  4. General news about whats happening in the markets

should I be ok?

also, do they throw in any brainteasers?
and what does the group presentation and written part of the assessment involve?

what is the case-study about?

really appreciate if you could let me know asap as I’m nervous!!