Citi University Trading Game


Hi guys,

I’m taking part in the Citi inter-university Trading game on the 26th January, down at Canary Wharf.

Has anyone competed in it in previous years or knows anything about it? They haven’t given us any info regarding what we will actually be doing and I’m not sure how to prepare. Any advice?

The ‘trading game’ we competed in to get this final in London was a relatively basic, fun game. I wondered if it’ll be the same kind of thing or something more complicated. They wouldn’t go as far as setting up a ‘mock trading floor’ where we trade on computers with fake money would they?

Much appreciated, thanks!


I’ll also be attending this. I did email them asking if we could expect the same game as in the preliminary rounds but needless to say they didn’t reply lol. Would be interested to here anyone’s experiences.


I’m not sure this is the same event. I’ve been told to turn at 4pm and the event will run on to 7pm.

Have you been told the same maltodextrin?