Citi Technology Summer Analyst Assessment Centre



I just booked my AC for city for a technology summer analyst position, however they provide no info on the assessment centre like the structure whether it’s competency based, group exercises, presentations, how many interviews etc. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced one, could you please explain the structure of it please.

Much appreciated, take care


hey there … I suppose that u already had the AC n I hope u had the job … I have one coming up soon n I applied for technology infrastructure graduate program … any examples of the tasks would be greatly appreciated


Hope you also get the job! May I ask for some suggestions for the AC?Thanks!


@minghui.zhang.338 They said at a graduate event that there are 3 interviews and a group discussion. And the group discussion is the main task, they want you to let everyone talk equally in the group. So don’t talk too much but put your main points across. Also encourage other people who are quiet in the group to talk as this will get you positive points.


Thanks a lot!!