Citi tech Analyst assessment center


Hi. Just got invited to the assessment center for technology analyst at citi.

All I know is it’s three interviews, a group exercise and an individual presentation from a case study.

Anyone have any idea what else to expect, and any tips on what to research other than the obvious? Or perhaps an example case study so i can see what it’s like (it’s my first assessment center).

Any help is appreciated,



Hi Michael

I presume you had your AC at Citi by now. I have mine coming up on 18th. It is my first AC and I am pretty nervous. Could you please give me more details about the AC like what was the case study and presentation about, group exercise etc

Please help!!!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


hi guys,

How was the first round interview? any technical questions?

Thank you


Nope…it was mainly competency based…


Would you mind sharing little more information about 1st interview?


@IBDGrad 10:

Check your PM


Hi Abigail88, I hope you did well in the AC… Would you please share your AC experience?
Anyone waiting for the 1st round of interviews in technology?



Hi RayofShine

My AC was pretty fine…I did get an offer :slight_smile:

Please check your PM regarding details about the AC


Hi abigail88,

It would be really helpful of you if could you please share your AC experience?



Hi abigail88 and RayofShine,

It would be really helpful of you if could you please share your AC experience?



Hi abigail88. Congrats! My AC is coming up as well. Could you pm me the details please? Greatly appreciate it!


@CityJobTrekker and Mark29: Please chek ur PM :slight_smile:


@ abigail88… Thanks for the info dude… Plz check ur PM :slight_smile:


Dear abigail88,

Congrats on your offer!!!
I too have an AC coming up very soon. So please could you send me the process and what happened on your AC.



@ abigail88… Well done, I have my assessment center coming up, could you please send me any details I may need also your experience!


@ abigail88 … Congrats on your offer. I also have an assesment centre coming Monday. I only have the weekend to prepare for it. Would be great if you could send me any details aswell.

Thanks :slight_smile:


mji and cso8ddt - please check your PM on my experiences of the AC for citi tech analyst position.


@mji: Please check your PM


Hi, Abigail88,

Well done on getting an offfer!!

I have my assessment day coming up too, do you mind sharing your expereince at yours?



^^ Same here please. Congrats Abigail.