Citi-Summer Internship-Operations


Hello everyone,

I am going for an assessment centre in Citi the week beginning 12th April for a Summer internship position in operations. As far as I know there are two assessment centres, one on the 12th and one on the 15th April

Can someone that already attended an assessment centre for a summer internship in operations share his/her experiences?

What is the structure of the assessment centres?

Do we have to complete any numerical tests?


I also have an assessment centre coming up, I would appreciate any tips.



Is it for summer analyst in operations?


Indeed, it is. Do you know what is to be expected?


No, i dont have any idea. It is the first and last round. I didnt go through an interview with Citi. I was invited straight to the assessment centre after I completed the online numerical test.

What about you?

Btw are you undergraduate or postgraduate?


hi guys,

i am also attending the assessment on 12th. it starts at 7 45 am isnt it. btw I am for FT Ops role.


has anyone heard back after the AC?


No, not yet. what about you?


Me neither but apparently, there are more AC next week.
Do you know how many places there are? I got an email saying 5 but on the day, they said 10. :S


there are 10 places


any news yet? How many AC’s are there this week?


I am also invited straight to the assessment centre for City Summer Internship Operations but on the 23rd of April. Can someone tell me what I can expect there please?


Expect lot of competency based questions and a very long day. All the best


Thank you solon!


I thought we would hear back from them today and I haven’t.
Has anyone received a call yet?


Hi Solon,

How did you find the numeracy test? Was it tougher than the online one…CAn you pls walk through the Assessment centre day? What did you have for the written exercise? Was it related the field you applied for? How did you find the entire process?


Hi ety,

How did it go? Any tips on how to prepare for the AC. Did they ask you any trick questions? how did you find the written exercise?


Well Keshu, you have to prepare lots of competency based questions. There are intensive interviews, a case study which is not related to the financial industry( have in mind all outcomes), presentation based on it (do them in separate slides in order to be more clear) defend your project in group work( refer all the time to the company strategy and values) but also show that you can collaborate with the others (the goal is achieve cost savings so you really need to work as a team), take the intiative when it arises( do the summary report). At the end it is the numerical test I could not complete it all only 9 out of 20( I was too tired, slept only 4 hours as I had to fly to London). Be yourself and show them that you are very motivated!

Good luck Keshu!


Anyone received an offer?


Thanks ety. Gud luck with the outcome.