Citi Risk Management Assessment Center



I am invited for the AC of Risk Management of Citi. I wonder if someone has an experience at AC of Citi. How will it be ?

Any information will be appreciated…



Hey reasoning - what day is your AC? I have one for Risk coming up as well. Citi - Grad - Risk Mgmt - London


hey guys… I’ve also applied for Citi- Risk Management- London and have got an email few weeks ago saying it’s being reviewed by the business area. I haven’t heard from them so far. Do you guys have any number to call? Regards.


hey guys,
I have an interview for Citi- Risk Management, F/T London, this tuesday. Just wondered if anyone could share their interview experience. Was it completely comp based? What type of technical questions did they ask? Thanks!!


shen, is this first round or AC?


@KN My AC is next week…

When is yours?


done mine yesterday. Next week you mean 1st dec or is there one before that?


Hi KN,
its for first round


@ KN

Hello, could you please give some insight on Assessment Center of Risk ?



can anyone had experience on the Assessment Center of Risk give some insight plssssssss??


anyone heard anything from HR after your AC yet?



when was your AC?


@Solomon Bro



Wait until Friday…

At least this was my case, I waited for 4 days…


@Solomon Bro

Did you applied to risk as well? I heard there are only 4 ACs for risk, all in this week. 7th and 9th. two each day. Maybe my info was wrong



Your info is wrong… : )


@Solomon Bro

I see. good luck to me.


anyone heard back today??


Hey guys do you know how many people they will hire this year ? (Citi Risk )


I’m not sure,. but they’ve had AC’s in mid Nov, then 1st, 7th and 9th december
I was told that there are 5 places for the global rotations, so prob 5 places for the GIRM programme too.