Citi Private Banking Summer Internship


Has anybody yet received an offer from Citi?


nope nothing. haven’t heard back yet. When did you have your assessment centre? 4th March??


I had mine on the 17th of march. Received an offer earlier this week…


Wow congratulations. Seems like they got back to you pretty quick. I still haven’t heard a reply. I called in on the 16th and they me they were still deciding and would get back by the 18th. I waited and didn’t hear squat. Looks like they were screening you guys the day before. I emailed them on wed for an update but no response yet. Will call again on Mon. I bit frustrating.

A couple of questions for you… How many of you guys/groups were at the assessment centre on 17th? And do you know how many offers they’ve made? I believe they were looking for about 6 interns this year. Correct me if I’m wrong?..