Citi online logical test



I am just invited to do the Citi online logical test for 2011 full time analyst Technology. Anyone has experience on this, please tell me any information.

As I know, for Technology application last year, it was numerical test. But it changes to logical test this year. Is it SHL logical test or PSL logical test, or any others. It said the test will be about 10mins, I have no idea on this. Anyone can provide related information, many thanks.


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thank you very much mkchai. That’s really hard!!

Could you tell me how many questions I need to answer in 10mins, and could you show me more examples if you have, many thanks!!!


i jus copied these cuz i was a bit shocked when i saw these
and i couldnt do any of them
each question is timed , it should be about 8-10 questions, not many, but u hv to understand how they work from my example before u proceed to the real test


thank you very much mkchai.

Is the real test similar to the examples. I mean the difficult level?


i printscreened from the citi logical test i took. If u kno the logic behind those above, it would be easier for you when u do the test later on


Is the online test for all programs or just technology?


i applied for operations
i guess it applied to all


Can anyone tell me whether the numerical tests are shl or psl, or something else? Cheers ppl


Had an AC with Citigroup operations last year. Phenomenal building in C Wharf and great approach to the AC.
Good luck guys.


Is this for an internship or full time position?


I took the Citi Logical test, not knowing what the structure would be like. I did find it tougher than conventional PSL/SHL tests.

I’ve applied to technology as well. Took the test last Monday but no numerical invite as yet. Anyone in the same boat?

For those who haven’t sat it yet, the structure is as follows. There are 12 questions, each timed at 75 seconds each. You have to find the missing symbol combination in a grid of 9 (3x3) transitions - 14 possible solutions are available for each question.

I received a PM not too long ago, but thought I should post my reply here anyway

What makes Citi’s online test difficult is the structure itself and not the way in which the logical symbols are manipulated. If you wish to know how the symbols manipulate, look at or for practice tests.

The 3x3 grid that I mentioned works in the same way as all the other logic tests on the web. The only difference is that the pattern might be identifiable from “left to right” or “top to bottom”.


Triangle Square Pentagon



Obviously if one symbol is missing in a 3x3 grid, that means there is always two complete transitions which you can use to deduce the missing symbol.


Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3
Pattern 1 Missing Pattern 3
Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3

Its all about using your time carefully. I would strongly advise using a piece of paper and a pen to determine your answer as you go along as you will then have to find the solution amongst 14 possibilities - This means you can forget about guessing an answer. You have 75 seconds to deal with each question, so try to stay calm.

Good luck.

This is all I will say. Distributing screenshots of the real test would be making a complete mockery of Citi’s recruitment process. Questions can sometimes repeat themselves and frankly this gives a rather unfair advantage towards others.


got an email saying the test is 10 minutes long. quite short. I am hoping there are only 10 to 12 questions. anyone already done the test this year?


@wannabe_trader - I have :slight_smile:

There are 12 questions. The email says around 10 minutes, but it will take longer as you’re given up to 75 seconds per question.

Good luck!



Many thanks for the info. Was it standard SHL or a little harder to finish?


It’s quite dissimilar I’m afraid. Take a look at my last post to find out more. The biggest difference is that you have to look both left to right and top to bottom at times to find the missing symbol in the grid.



I apologise for not making this clear but I was referring to the numerical test. Sorry, my fault. anyone in here done the numerical? i know its not what the forum topic is about but wanted to find out from someone who has done it this year.


Hi everyone

I applied to Citi for a full time analyst position for 2011 in I-Banking and was just wondering if anyone knows what the recruitment process is like for them? I know with other firms I’ve applied to for similar positions, I’ve been invited to take the online test within 24 hours and I’m already at the interview stage within three weeks with one of the firms. Just curious if anyone knows since naturally I’m stressing just a tiny bit.

Thanks everyone =))


wannabe_trader - Whoops, sorry! By any chance did you sit a logic test first?

juliad33 - I too wonder what the timescales are supposed to be like. I sat the test over a week ago and have heard nothing. All I know is that for most divisions, interviewing has already started.


no just got the invite on sat morning, only got the invite for the numerical. going for a summer internship. i hope ACs havn started for this already. wanted to get these apps done as soon as possible. anyone whos done the numerical please pm me asap.