Citi Mathematical Finance Placement London


Has anyone applied/interviewed for the Citi Math Fin Placement in London?
I had a phone interview this week and I’m curious to know whether anyone else has had an

let me know…please


Hey I applied for the program but I haven’t heard back anything from them. I asked the HR about my application, they told its still under review. So I don’t know when I will be hearing from them. When did you apply for the program? Where are you from and which university did you go to?


applied in nov and heard back in feb.
had second interview yesterday
from poland, studied bsc phys at imperial and msc fin math in edinburgh

what about you?


I am currently doing my MS in financial engineering at claremont grad univ…I will be graduating this May…How was your interview? Was it technical or competency based questions? By any chance do you know how many people are they planning to recruit?


was quite technical
asking about sensitivity of options to different factors
hedging strategies
but no stoch proc questions.
also had a few “brain teasers”

no idea how many they will recruit


I applied and got a msg from them in February saying “We are currently reviewing applications and will contact you shortly to confirm if you have been selected for interview.” But I didn’t hear back from them since then


Hi Sonitram,

What happened to your interview? Did you hear back anything from them?



Hi vignesh,

Did you get an update on your application? I still got no news



me neither…


Any updates?


I just got contacted to confirm my availability a couple days ago. Have you guys received any offers/interviews so far?


any updates??


Looks like placements are still available - I’m writing an app

I’m a Phd (mainly OR and stats), looking to break into a Quant role - although I’ve not done much financial maths (can’t be that difficult :))

Any advice?


Good luck!! Have you already contacted them?


They said they were still recruiting for placements

OK, app gone - re-orienting my engineering background into finance speak was an interesting exercise - I’m relying on the following Citi statement:
" Innovation and excellence are driven by the use of new knowledge and new techniques that come both from within finance and from the wider academic arena. Consequently we place a great emphasis on attracting people to the firm who have very strong mathematical and analytical skills"

let’s see what happens…


Any updates guys?


nah - I’m not expecting a whole lot of action given the current job cuts

Anyone else?


yeah me neither. are you based in London or the US?


hey I have my first telephone interview with citi - Financial product control analyst , can anyone please tell me what kind of questions were asked in the first interview. Its basically a skype interview.

So don’t know much about it. Please reply .




are you based in the US or London?