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Has anybody been invited for the first round interview? I’ve submitted my application quite a long time ago, couple of days later they called me to confirm details regarding my previous education, since I’m not from the UK, and then sent me an e-mail “Review by Business area”, saying that they would inform me sortly whether I am selected for the interview. It’s been more than 3 weeks ago, and my status is still “Under review”. Does that mean a big NO, or it might be Yes, but wait?


Hey Onetta,

I’m in the same situation as yourself. Hopefully it is a yes? Let’s pray.


you gotta wait, do not worry


Hi messierchippy, to be honest I’ve got no hope already, because I’ve read on the couple of forums that sometimes they don’t send rejection emails. Plus there’s been plenty of first-rounds, and I’m not invited even for the test.


Hey Onetta,

Don’t be discouraged. I applied to the Investment Banking Division in Los Angeles for Citi as well as the London one since I’m an American, and I got rejected for the Los Angeles one since they didn’t have any openings. I got a rejection e-mail from them for that particular position. So don’t worry. We’ll be working side-by-side soon. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting to hear back from Citi Alternative Asset Management in New York as well. It says, currently being reviewed. I just got Credit Suisse’s interview e-mail today after waiting a whole month. It takes time. Human Resources… enough said right? There’s hope.


Where was your schooling at Onetta?


Hey messierchippy, I’ve completed Masters at Queen Mary, but my undegrad was in Russia, obviously, I didn’t have any internships in London, and now it’s like in a circle, I can’t get employed because the priority is to those with internships, and I can’t get one, because I’ve already graduated:)


Privhet Onetta!

Haha. Yea, the whole application process sucks, but soon we will have jobs. I did most of my schooling in America, but did a Masters in London at UCL. I did an internship one summer at Lehmans, but now it no longer exists, so now I hope I get a job soon because I have to pay of student loans from Harvard. Ahhhhhhhh! Don’t worry. Just keep the faith.

Cevo Korosehva!


@messierchippy , was your credit suisse interview email for the UK or USA?


Spasibo, missierchippy:)) Hope your credit suisse interview goes well. Good luck there!


Spasibo Onetta!

I will let you know!



Hey Jungle,

Credit Suisse was for UK.
The USA is under consideration or something.
The whole process in applying at CS was sketchy.
Servers crashing, having to e-mail tech department, etc.


Keep me posted:) Poka!


na zdorowe…


@messierchippy, thanks!


Hey, I have applied to Citi for Corporation Functions Full time analyst for risk management. I did the online aptitude tests and I got invited to an interview. Does anyone have any pointers?



Hi! Congrats on your interview invitation!

May I ask you how long after you took the online test were you invited to interview?

Is it face-to-face?



Citi Risk Management interview - Monday morning.

Citi does not do any telephone interviews. All interviews are face-to-face. You basically have two 1-to-1 comptency based interviews 40mins each, back-to-back with two Associates. Also, there will be a numerical/logical tests.



Is this the first round?

Also, do you happen to know what’s the benchmark for the CITI online test?
Just did it now but there were a a few quite time-consuming questions whose answer I ended up guessing :slight_smile:



yeah mate. This is the first round for Risk. There will be another first round interview after the deadline has passed - for those who haven’t been invited to this one.

The benchmark for the tests - well, dunno about. But I would guess you need get atleast 80%. But as this stage, you should be able to finish all the questions, that is, since you should have had enough practice with all the tests that we are doing.