Citi Graduate Program 2012 Who and When?



Does any one know when does Citi open for the 2012 recruiting in London? I have noticed that their advertising some 2012 opportunities in Melbourne already… Who else is thinking of the Citi for next year?




In the exact same situation! Still can’t find anything.


They opened up recruitment on Sept 1st for London. I’m only applying for a summer internship in IB for the moment…

Let me know how it went when you complete the online numeracy test…
It’s not SHL so don’t waste your time with practice. It’s more like GRE, depending on the answers you give it gets harder/easier.


now or never


anyone got an invite for the first round? it’s been quite a while since i completed the online test, but no word yet.


May I ask for Citi online numerical test, is it SHL or PSL or the RBS one? Or they are using a totally different one?


I have not heard from them either.


i applied for the post of full time analyst corporate banking.
Gave my numerical test.The status shows that it is under review.


can any one tell me is it a bad sign?? the application is under review


can any one tell me is it a bad sign?? the application is under review


i’ve got no news either. I applied on the 11th of September, and I thought the test didn’t go too badly… It’s been nearly a month now, quite worrying.


I applied a number of weeks ago for the 2012 summer internship in IBD, and just received a phone call from a Graduate Recruiter asking to confirm my expected degree result. Immediately after the call I was sent a numerical test invite via email, so that’s how I stand at the moment!


i applied in september, got invited to sit the numerical test 2 days after, and thought it went pretty well. still no news after that. i don’t think this is a bad sign since nearly everyone is in the same situation.


Can anyone please tell me how many questions are there in the Citi numerical test. I have gotten an invite and it say the test time would be 15 minz. I have applied for the analyst position Dubai GTS


12 questions. each timed 75 to 90 sec.

Did anyone who applied for CMO received invitation for the 1st round or any news?


okay…so if the status is shwoing that application is under review what does that means? will they inform us if we are rejected? i have applied for the first time to citibank so i have no idea about their process.I have interned at Barclays ans HSBC do you think that will help me?


I just completed the Elements Numerical test, it was okay but a bit time constrained.


i have just received an email after sitting the online test saying they are in the process of consdidering apps and i will have an update soon…anyone else had any sort of email or update? i also found the numerical a bit challenging!


hey,yeahh i also received an email that says that the process will take some time and they are reviewing my application.

i have applied to citi bank grad recruit for the first time and I have no idea what their recruitment process it and how long does it take…can anyone who has been thru the same process share their experiences with us?


Has anybody heard from them yet. I applied for IBD full-time, got an invitation for numerical test and then they contacted me once for additional info. But nothing after that…