Citi - Full-time Analyst - Operations - London


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you guys/gals an update regarding - Citi - Full-time Analyst - Operations - London.

Citi will be recruiting ONLY TWO (2) people in Operations this year. They have got rid of the first round altogether, and will be holding only AC. I know there is an AC taking place tomorrow. I told you guys before that there was going to be a first round on Tuesday this week, but it seems like it is not happening. Instead they are having the final round on Friday (tomorrow).

So, I am guessing this is going to be the only AC for Operations unless they cant find the TWO graduates.

I got this update from a friend.


@ IBD thnks for the update mate.


Anyone going tomorrow?


are u going tomo kikiyy?


yes, and u? just been told this morning that there will be AC as well…how is ur preparation akoo?


i am not invited yet. As IBD said if the requirement is only two, then it all depends on tomo s assessment. So you mean you will have both first round and final assessment tomo itself…that saves the anxiety isnt it. Best of luck for tomo and pls post about the format.


Here is the format -

  • Numerical test
  • 2 competency based interviews
  • Case study - Report
  • Case study - Presentation
  • Group exercise

two only?! wow…



how did your assessment go today. was it good. if you dont mind can you please give some details regarding what happened there and what sort of questions asked.



this was the first and the last AC for Operations this year. There fore 12 candidates in the AC for a possible 1 or 2 positions. There will be no more ACs for Operations this year.


anyone heard back after the AC??


ahh no :S no replies that’s a long wait!! :S


@tabbycat, @New_opps, @kikiyy

so guys, have you heard back from them yet after the AC??? my friend hasnt yet. 2 out 12, that’s tough!!!


havent heard back yet, i think the offer have already been given out on wed


Offer on wednesday…eh… any clue how many offers were given out?? 1 or 2?


So far as I know (if I am not mistaken), I think 2.

Citi’s recruitment website is still advertising this post though, any idea why? Or it is just that they havent update yet?


Well, I think they haven’t update it yet. Oh well, gotta give my mate the bad news then… since the two offers were given out on Wednesday… that means its over for the other 10.


Hi guys,

I’m having a case study soon too. Could someone who’s attended the Assessment Centre kindly share their experience with the case study please? for example, what was the case about and what did they ask? I just wanna have an idea what kinda case study could be given to us. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.



Hi Guys,

I have a first round interview for Operations on Monday and dont have a clue what to prepare. There are suppose to be 2 interviews, one a competency one and the second motivation towards citi or a technical one. Can someone tell me what sort questions are asked in the technical interview, and whether i should prepare one recent news of the market??

urgent help needed :frowning:


hi saakhan. May i know what university are u from and have u applied for a graduate role? i have got an interview on monday as well.