Citi First Round Interview Waiting Period?


Hey all,

I hope you are all having a nice day. I did my first round phone interview with Citi this Tuesday and still haven’t heard back from them. Is it a rejection? I feel the interviews were ok (not excellent) and I know the superday is going to be next Friday for people who go through the 1st round. This is for S&T analyst training program.

Help! I’m going nuts lol



Just of of interest when did you apply?

what was the first stage interview like? They have not even replied to my app i made over two weeks ago?

Did you have to do a numerical test?


I applied around mid-late September.

The first stage was like 2 30mins phone interview. I think the process is still on-going, so fingers X!

Nope, I didn’t have to do a numeral test…


Hi sweetsun717,

Have you heard back from your first round interview?

I just got an email inviting me to sit a numerical test within the next few days. Does anyone know if it is SHL or PSL based?

well i need to get some pratice in before i do the test, fingers crossed.


still i have not heard back from them. I will email the HR tomorrow. I didn’t do the numeral test so I couldn’t be much help there but good luck!!


Numerical is not shl/ psl. its developed by citi. each question is individually timed. did one for S&T Summer Analyst. A few have experienced tech issues…


I will have first round interview next Monday. As my friend, who went there last year, told me, the first round interview included two competency interviews+numerical test. Anyone here can share any tips with me? Appreciate!! BTW, I applied to risk department.


Hey Guys

Does anyone know the contact details of the recruitment/ HR to know the appln status.

I have applied around 3 weeks ago, and still haven’t heard anything from them, trying to contact them but on the website no contact details of HR is given.

BTW i applied to Management Associate Program in India.(Asia Pacific)
In the appln, they said that they’ll recruit from only indian B Schools.

I did my Masters in Finance from a US B School but an Indian national and have a couple of years of capital markets experience in an Indian Bank, so thought they might consider my application?

Any comments/ Info and help is appreciated

Best of luck for all the guys who made it to interviews


First Round Interview = 2 comptency interviews (might be technical depending on your interviewer) + Numerical test (not for M&A though) … interviewers will be Associates/VPs (sometimes yr 3 Analysts as well)

If you are successful, they will usually get back really quickly. I went for mine, I heard back the following morning before 11AM.

Final Round = 3 senior level interviews + Casestudy report + presentation + group discussion (all on the case study) + (for M&A there is a press test)…interviews will be senior VPs/Directors/MDs…

Goodluck to all wishing to join Citi.


@jobinbank how did your interview go?? im applying to risk as an intern tho. any tips??


have interviews for summer interns already started?


No idea, havent finished applying. u applied yet??


Just to add a bit more on the AC.

4 Interviews (on of which is case study presentation) - all interviews with senior people - MDs & Directors.

Time to get back to you - 2 working days max (one of your interviewers will call you).

Starting salary for front office = £45k + £7k (relocation)
Start date = Mid- July.

This is for FullTime Analyst - IBD - London.


Hey guys I just applied to the Citi Group - Investment Banking several days ago. I’m just wondering how long you have to wait for the numerical test and after the numerical for the confirmation of your status?


anyone applied for an internship and done the numerical test heard anything back from citi?


I’m applying for a citi IBD summer internship.

Thanks for that insight, could you tell me what a press test is?

Finally, I have taken Citi’s numerical test ages ago but I have still heard nothing…what does this mean?


Talked to campus recruitment yesterday. They are currently busy filling up all full time positions. ACs for Summer Internships are in Dec/ Jan. Bit of a wait for anyone going for summer positions.


ive heard citis giving out first round interviews for cmo…any1 had any first round interviews? what sort of questions do they ask?


cmo full time or summer?


Hi IBD_Haunter,

Hope you’re well.

I’ve applied to the Risk Management Analyst role with Citi and they’ve asked me to do a numerical reasoning test. Can you please share your insight on this? What is the level of difficulty? How many questions are there and what is the best way to prepare for it? I’ve been practising SHL/PSL/ Wikijobs numerical reasoning tests. However, any tips/advice will be great.

Good luck to all!