Citi First Round Interview - Investment Banking



Has anyone been for a first round interview with Citi for Investment Banking? If you have, please share your experiences! Thanks!


jungle_boogie - have you been invited?? for full-time? London?


I’ve got an face to face interview next wednesday, can anyone share anything about the interview and logic test? Is it just a normal competency interview?


one interview was competency and the other one was completely technical… even though both were supposed to be competency based


I have a problem. I could not find Investment Banking vacancy in London on Citi search. Did they close it?

#6 Have a look on there.


Has anyone heard from Citi for Technology? I applied to them last month and was asked to submit further information which I did but I still have not heard from them and it still says "Application Under Review."Anyone heard anything for Technology?


hi IBD_Haunter …could you please tell me what questions did they ask u in the technical interview…i got an interview(graduate 2010) with them next week


the technical questions completely depends on the interviewer, they dont have any particular structure to it. But mine were based on P/E ratios, DCF, Comps, precendence… etc… which is better? why? when are the better? what’s the problems with them?

and what deal you read about? and I got specific questions on the deal… I got grilled on the Cadbury/Kraft deal coz the associate interviewing me was actually working on that deal… the other associate was working on the NatExpress deal… so got a bit on that too… but then again, they dont have any structure for technical questions… some people I know were even asked any technical questions at all…


i guess u had ur interview in London??
i av applied for the IT graduate program…so wot do u think about the technical intereview for this position.and my interview will be almost 3.5 hours long…did u av any presentation,group tasks etc…or just interviews…


i think the IT recruitment is different… dont have much idea about that… sorry mate!


hi sumit_09 what questions were you asked in your first interview?


Does anyone know anything about the diagrammatic test they are doing at the first round, I was told you can’t prepare for them. If anyone could share any experiences that would be great.


First round interviews for technology will be held tomorrow. I had an SHL test and was unsuccesful so haven’t been invited. :frowning: Good luck to everybody who gets an interview first thing tomorrow with Citi.


thanks for sharing


anyone heard back from CITI regarding the Technology interview outcome yet?


@megaman: i applied on tuesday nigth, havent got a test yet? have you completed the test? i also applied to tech role.


yea i did the test last week, standard shl…


how long after sending app did you get the test if i can ask?

ps gd luck with the interview! :slight_smile:


i submitted 02/09/09, and got back to me last week, so took them a while.

I had the interview yesterday and got invited to final AC so will share my experiences once i have it.