CITI final round interview for Technology



Anyone attending or has attended one of these in the past able to shed some light on the format. I know their will be a written report which I’m a bit unsure about…any insight would be much appreciated.



Mine is on 2nd Nov, what about you megaman?


30th Oct…u have any ideas about the group exercise or the written report??


the HR did not tell any detail about it


Hi guys!!

I have my assessment centre on the 2nd and could u please tell me what exercises came up in your assessment on the 30th.

Any help would be much appreciated


Helo guys,
can you please give some details about the final round …
Did u guys get an offer after tha ?



I have to attend the first round interview at Citi for a Technology- Full time analyst position. Has anyone gone through the process? Will there be a competency based interview or are there any other type of interviews too like a technical one?


hi Nikky 13,

I have been invited on monday 22 Nov in london for first round as well. I was wondering if you have got any information about the process. Is there any written test as well. Please let me know if you got any idea.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


hi guys,

How was the first round interview? any technical questions?

Thank you



Ive been invited to the 1st round interviews for Technology-Full Time Analyst - was wondering if you could shed light on how the process works…

Any information you can give will be GREATLY appreciated!


Just wondering if there any tests on 1st interview? I am assuming there will a numerical test and logical test? Not sure why Citigroup doesn’t inform the candidates in advance about the tests!!


I have very recently attended 1st round interviews. There were no technical questions (for me, at least) and was mainly the standard questions like - why citi, what do you know about citi, recent changes in financial sector over the last 1 year and competency based questions (Tell me about a scenario…)

One of the interviewers mainly probed whether what you said in both the cover letter and CV are true and the other about the ‘general’ stuff as mentioned above.

Hope that helps. good luck.


Hi All,
Anyone waiting for the 1st round of interviews in technology? I am wondering when is the next 1st round of interviews?



Hi all,

Don’t need to prepare for detailed technical questions for Citi,

Talk about yourself?
Currents issues with regards to finance industry?
How banks work?
Example of a time when you had to decide/think quick?

Good luck


Has anyone attended the final round interviews for Full Time Analyst - Technology role? Plss I av one next week and would really want to have an idea of what it looks like.


Hi Arsenal,

How long did you get the phone interview invitation after finishing the logical test?

Many thanks.


about 2weeks to a month… Definitely not more than that… did not really take count as I had other tests at that time so I was kind of like busy


How was your assessment centre??


Hi all,

I received an interview from citi today. I applied for the Technology analyst -Developer London position. I heard they would ask many tough technical questiones… Can you give me more details or any tips about this interview?

Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated!




Ive also applied to Tech as a Dev, got an interview coming up next week, its first round though - which is supposed to be two 40 min competency based interviews…