Citi - EMEA - Institutional Clients Group - Full Time Analyst - Investment Banking - London


Hi guys!

Has anybody got any feedback from this program? The status of my application is “Uder review” for almost 6 months now.


hi lego, i also applied in february to another Citi graduate scheme (think it was operations or something) and got an e-mail like last month saying that the programme is now full. you can ring them up or send an e-mail to confirm though.


This programme is FULL. So is CMO Full-time.


Then why they didn’t change the status of my application?! Do they usually give you a notice about your rejection or the program being full?


yeah they usually do… when the program is full, they usually send an email saying that it is full. but that maynot be the case always.


I have finally got an answer from them saying that the recruitment process is still ongoing.


in that case, there might be still hope!


I think there is still hope, I applied for the summer associate internship prog at end oct 09 and hadn’t heard anything so sent them an email 2 wks ago. Then last week I received a call saying that I have been invited for a telephone interview!! So keep the faith!!! :slight_smile:


Has anyone recently been through the application procedure for this programme?



Is anyone going to the Summer Analyst S&T Assessment Centre on Monday?

I’d like to know a bit more about the presentation and group exercise if anybody out there can lend a helping hand!



Hi everyone,

Im thinking of applying to citi but dont know a huge amount about the company. Ive heard many different opinions and was wondering what you thought of it. both through preconceptions and experience.