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The Graduate

I’ve received an invitation to the AC for the summer internship role.
Well at first I was really happy but then when I logged in and saw the date, i realised it was conflicting with personal commitments.

any ideas whether I can ask the graduate team to re-schedule my AC?
please help!



If you have an important thing to do at that date, you can call them and inform. No problem. If they are planning to do one AC more, then they will invite you for the other.


thanks a lot! well, Citi is one of my preferences hence it would be a pity to miss the chance…one recruiter once told me that they would organise several ACs in both December and January, so theoretically it should work to re-schedule…i feel they always recruit more interns than full-time grads…so let’s see how it goes…
will write to them…



Hi Hazel,

In my experience its risky. I was once having that trouble and chose to stick with Citi AC date and reject other interview date. Reason for this is that sometimes if the AC they hold have good candidates, they may not guarantee you another AC so becareful and check whether it is possible to re-arrange AC that is “guaranteed”. My wasn’t case so I stuck with Citi AC plan which turned out to be a good decision as it was the last AC and well offer as well…

If you want to discuss this, I highly suggest you to contact Citi. I have left you a message with the details.


Thanks a lot…the whole thing can be really tricky…I’ll see what they reply and then make a decision…



oh!! i applied as well but still haven’t heard from them… :((((( but i only completed the numerical test on thursday… hazelground how long did u have to wait after the test for the invitation??


i had to wait forever…it’s been more than a month since i completed the numerical test.
and since i never heard from them again, i was pretty sure i screwed it…

but hey, there is always a flicker of hope for everyone…so dont give it up yet…
but in my case i chose not to book the date provided, so not sure i will get another date :slight_smile:
lets see…


Citi numerical test i thought was harder than usual!!! hopefully i will have a chance to go to AC too… good luck to u!!! =)))


Same here…i thought the citi test was a bit different from the other numerical tests I had…but surprisingly it seems to have gone well…did you apply for CMO?


yes internship you?? i applied for CMO and OPS… im happy with either tbh … just need to get into the industry first!!! you?


cmo summer internship - any idea about the 2010 intake?


Ye me too… Not sure about the intake but I met he in campus event she said it’s on rolling hopefully I can get ac.z


if you reach the AC, make sure you can justify why you applied for both CMO and Ops…since they are quite different business areas…

good luck


oh btw, CMO and Opps they have different ACs. and CMO people wont know that you applied for Opps and vice-versa. So, no conflicts!



I don’t now if you just said this for CMO and Ops but in general people knows that you applied for two departments.


the HR people know that you applied to both. The business people dont. Also, CMO HR and Opps HRs are different. The applications are handled separately.


I can confirm that if you submit two application, they are dealed with seperately but HRs will know you have submitted two. Throughout the recruitment process, no interviewer will ask you why you also applied to another position. When I accepted the offer, my other application was automatically withdrawn.



Did you attend both AC of the departments which u have applied ? were u successful at both applications after the first interviews ?


Depends on the bank I think. I went through the whole process of S&T and by the time I have received the offer, the other application was still in “hold” and when I obviously accepted the S&T offer, the other application was automatically withdrawn.

Some are different like Barcap and Barclays are seperate as is HSBC and HSBC GBM. But then again thats because they are commercial and ib seperate. Well thats as much as I can tell you:)


guys i have CMO grad First rnd on 11Jan. any suggestions as to what to expect would be welcome.