CITI Bank - Rejection Letter


Hi Guys,

I have been tempting to apply for the Citi IT Programme and I have been hearing a lot of things about them.

A very close friend of mine has recently made an application for the Citi Graduate IT Programme and his application has been rejected. When he queried, he was told that his covering letter was too general. But in actual reality he applied to Citi last year and he was invited to do an online test. In the end, he had to withdrew his application as he was offered a place on a masters programme with LSE. Now, he submitted a similar covering letter and he is unsuccessful. Bye the way, he has 360 UCAS points, plus a first class degree in technology. And guess what he gets rejected by Citi.

I meet their entry requirements, but I am undecided right now

Do you guys think whether it is worth applying for the Citi IT Programme?

Your suggestions/comments would be deeply appreciated.



First, in this tough time, there is no guarantee that he will be successful again. Secondly, why he withdrew his application? even though he accepted LSE offer, he should continue his application, at least the online test.

If you are too determined in your career path, just go…
never worry about any rejection or failures… they build up your succuss!

Good Luck & Trust yourself


Thanks @yumikoyoy for your encouragement. That is very kind of you.

The reason why he accepted the LSE offer and withdrew his application from Citi was because he was planning to move to Dubai with his family after he would graduate from LSE. But given the current economic situation, he changed his mind and decided to remain in the UK for time being. Therefore he ended up applying to Citi.



My advice on this, make sure your cover letter is specifically aimed at them. The reason your friend may have got rejected is because the cover letter he used could have been one that he kept very general so he could send it to other places.

Try to talk about why you’re applying there, believe it or not, firms don’t like feeling like one in a statistic so make it tailored to citi (this also goes for any firm who require a cover letter). I’d have to agree with uybert though, just because they accepted last time, is no guarantee they’ll accept this time. Other thing is he could very well have 10000000+ UCAS points and it wouldn’t mean any more than meeting the min requirement. What they want to know is how well you’ll work with them, and if you have any real life experience, not if you’re a social recluse who studies all the time (not that i’m accusing your friend of this, i’m just saying).

Hope that helped.


Having read stories about Citi this weekend, I think they have rightly rejected your friend. Although it is now very public yet, Citi Bank is in crisis and in fact, they have done a massive favour to your mate by rejecting his application. I would not encourage you to go for it really.

All I can say is avoid Citi for time being:

@uybert, have a read this article, then make your mind up.

I hope it helps


Having you ‘dismissed’ another 52,000 employees I agree with theoldsage! I also received a ‘we are full, thanks anyway’ email and then 4 days late BANG FT release information suggesting a ‘thinning’ and the next day they confirm.