Citi 2014




Has anyone applied to the Citi IBD graduate programme and been invited to take their numerical test? I applied in september and the status changed to under review after a few days, but I have not heard anything from them since then. Does anyone have any insight on their graduate recruiting?


I’m the same I applied ages ago, and still no invitation for tests. It is a little strange, however I applied to RBC and they took like 3 weeks to invite me to take the tests, so I can only assume they are reviewing all the applications first and then inviting you to take the tests.


Yeah I think so too. I emailed them they replied back stating recruiting process has been a bit slow this year as they are carefully reviewing each candidate.


Just received their test invite. It’s an Elements test. Is this test comparable to the SHL / Kenexa ? Haven’t heard of Elements tbh.


well done, I still haven’t heard back yet. Maybe since I haven’t already been rejected I can remain hopeful. Let me know what the test was like, tbh all the tests are pretty much the same, I thought KPMG was a little tough but had a low pass mark, and the IBM one is pretty hard.


Just did the Citi test. Much harder compared to the usual SHL or Kenexa test imho. It sucks that you only have a limited amount of time for each questions, i.e. 90 seconds for the first Q of the set and 75 seconds for every subsequent Q within a set.

The questions were pretty computation-heavy, f.e. one questions asks you to sum up all the sales numbers and calculate the average for every person. That’s just not possible in 75 seconds since it is a lot of data. I just estimated to get a solution in time. Good luck to everyone, hopefully you guys do better than me^^


still no invitation


Just did the elements numerical test. It’s quite unusual. Very much unlike the SHL test. Has anyone heard back after the test?


I received an email saying that I passed the test and that they will look into my application now. But no messages since then…


OneFellowMonkey, How long after you completed the test did you get the email about passing the test? I did mine yesterday and I haven’t heard anything, not sure if that is an ominous sign.


maybe 4-7? I honestly don’t remember, but it was a few days after it.


Hi Guys!

Anyone here get invite for the assessment center for citi? Any idea on how the process is like?



Hey Spar,
Congratulations on the invite.

Did you get an invite today? Did you do a first round interview? Good luck with your prep.



Thank you!

I got invite around two weeks ago just after my first round interview. I applied for Technology, which position did you apply for? I am really worried about AC , as i have no idea how it will be like.


Hey spar,

I applied for IBD. You should just search through this, the studentroom and glassdoor to find out about the process. I am sure there is a lot of info available.


Hi there,

Anyone here applied to Citi Global Markets 2014 Summer Internship?


Has anyone applied to Dubai - IB full time analyst? Do you know if they have started interviewing or are they still sending out test invites?


Anyone heard back anything at all from Citi’s corporate banking grad programme application?


Still waiting to hear on Corporate Banking (Graduate) in London. Application says it’s ‘Under Review’. Surely they have filled places by now?


They will let you know when they fill all spots :slight_smile: I applied to Risk graduate programme and now my status says programme full. However they emailed me and asked me if I’m interested in risk summer internship programme, so I wouldn’t worry about programme being full too much :slight_smile: