CITI 2012 - How long get offer after AC?


Hi Guys

Just had the Technology AC with CITI and told the results would come out within 5 working days. However, I did some research online, some people get offer the next day after AC… but this is the 2nd working day already for me still have not yet heard from HR yet… I am pretty nervous about this, please may I ask does anyone know how long does take to receive HR’s call/offer/rejection…




I was just wondering if you had a first round which was 5 hours long, or was that the assessment centre? I did the logic test and was invited to a first round which is from 12.45 to 5 :confused:

Do you have and advice, I have also applied for the technology based role.




First round was easy… just chatting with MD/VPs, dont worry about it…

Gud luck with it


Was there any technical questions etc ? sorry to keep bugging you but I am terrified! This is my first experience of an interview at an Investment Bank