CIMA Grad Schemes in Industry - Application Advice

Virgin Media



I have recently done a lot of career research to work out what I want to do and have decided I will be applying to CIMA graduate schemes in industry to train as a management accountant. For example the ‘finance’ programmes offered by Centrica, Sky, Virgin Media, etc.

I am just about to start 3rd year at Bristol University studying Economics so will be applying very soon.

I have a few questions I hope some of you may be kind enough to help me answer. I know its a lot so if you can only answer one of them thats still really helpful.

What are my chances of landing a place in one of these schemes / How competitive are they? I am predicted a 1st, got 3 A stars in maths economics and biology and very good GCSES. However I have no extracurriculars at uni that are relevant to accounting , nor have done any work experience in accounting. I have done 2 accounting modules as part of my economics degree so far.

How difficult are the psychometric tests ? I am going to start practising these ASAP. While I have done well academically this is more down to hard work than having really good natural numerical ability. Its above average ability, but nothing special and im worried i will fail at this stage for that reason.

Where is a good place to find these schemes listed ? There are several listed on under the page ‘finance graduate schemes’ but I was wondering if there was another directory to find more ?

Would it ever be possible to defer a place in one of these schemes once obtaining an offer to 2019 entry?

And most importantly, what would people advise I should do from now to when I start applying to give myself the best chance? I am going to try and do some interview skills workshops or online coaching.

thanks so much in advance for your replys. It is much appreciated.