Christmas Closure



Hi Sam,

Is it possible for you to let me know KPMG’s closure period during Christmas. I have a family function to attended and wanted to know when/if KPMG closes during the Christmas period, along with how long for. I will be joining in October and do not want to be asking for time off so early.

Many Thanks



Each office may differ slightly, but the general message we recently received is:

Offices will be closed for 4 working days from 24 December to 1 January 2016 inclusive. In Scotland, this will be until 4 January inclusive, as 4 January is a public holiday. Everyone will get a day of special leave to take on Christmas Eve and Monday 28th December 2015 will be a bank holiday, as will Friday 1 January 2016, therefore you should take the extra 3 days as holiday.

I hope that makes sense. It would be worth checking this off with your relevant line manager once you’ve joined as well.




Thanks Sam.

Just to clarify my understanding, last work day would be 23rd December and work will resume 2nd January in general for offices not on Scotland i.e London?


Yes, that’s right - provided you take the holiday in between that you will need to have in your holiday allowance.