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I have a telephonic interview with CHP consulting and they say that it will not last for more than 10 minutes. Does anyone have any idea what this will be about?

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Can you please tell me how your telephone interview went? And the type of questions they asked? I have mine tomo and am quite tensed! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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Can you please let me know what your telephone interview was like. I have mine on Friday and haven’t been given any information on what to expect!


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Can anybody share some experience about the telephone interview?
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Telephone interview is short, like 10 minutes. Ask about your academics and hobbies mainly.

The questions are covered at [ Graduate Consulting]

You should know what CHP do, who their clients are and what you will be doing.


I just had a telephone interview with CHP. Lasted about 10 mins and she was very friendly. She asked about my background and university, why I wanted to work for CHP, what they did etc. I had to relate my skills/experience to why I wanted the consultant role so make sure you can do that. Then I asked a couple of questions and that was it.