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Has anyone gone through to the final stage interview with CHP Consulting? If so, could you advise me on what type of questions you were asked?



Hi, I have a final round interview comin up with CHP consulting, it is with two associate directors. Have you had yours yet? How was it?


Just out of interest Lamb, what university/course are you studying - because these guys rejected me, even though I have investment bank/technology experience with a first class degree.



I’m in an Irish university. Studied Business Information Systems as my undergrad and now studying a Masters in Corporate Finance. I have a first class degree too.
What was your interview like?



I just passed a telephone interview today am next scheduled for a first round interview. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know how your first round interview went. What sort of questions they asked and What I should prepare for.



My first round interview was with a member of HR and a senior manager. They went through my CV and I talked a lot about college work and work experience. I did most of the talking, focusing on what was in my CV. They asked about my knowledge of asset finance, why I wanted to work for them, who else I had applied to, asked about the project lifecycle and the phases in it like. I had the opportunity to ask them questions as well. The interview lasted about an hour. Id say have a good read of their website and look up asset finance.
Good Luck


Thanks for your reply,

I was also wondering if there were any competency based questions (ex: thell me a situation where…). Also if you have any recommendations of where to get good info about asset finance and any other kind of help/suggestions for the interview, that would be really appreciated.
Thanks again


Here are some links that were sent to my by HR before my final round interview:
UK Asset Leasing
Aircraft Leasing

American Vehicle Leasing

UK IT Leasing

As well as asset finance I’d try to understand all about leasing and what kinda products you could lease, like buy a TV on Hire Purchase, asset finance is used for like cars…

There were competency questions as far as I can remember but they weren’t really “tell me a time when”, it was just kinda “talk about leadership, teamwork…etc.”

Can’t really think of any other tips, maybe just know about their ALFA system, just read about it on their website.

Hope that helps


Lamb, did you pass your final interview?


ladygaga - dont think lamb done final interview - see his post dates

lamb - thanks for the helpful info

lamb/alaawy - can i ask how your telephone interview went? I have one coming soon and have no idea what to do…is it competency based…after reading people being rejected with 1sts,dont think im gonna get the job but hoping to build some interview experience…


My telephone interview was really straight forward. No competency at all. Was asked about my University experience and what I want in my future career. They also checked if I know what the role is and my expectations of the challenges I will face.


I was looking at these guys and have been quite impressed by their website and program so far. Do they have a good reputation? Would career prospects etc be good?


Hey there,

Glad to see this particular posting has such recent activity. I have my first round interview with CHP Consulting on Tuesday. Even bought a new suit for it yesterday.

Keep up the posts.


Hi benb_s

Best of luck with your interview. If you don’t mid, I would really appreciate if you let me know how your interview went as soon as you finish it as myinterview is on Wednesday. Thanks a lot and good luck.


Hey alaawy,

Sorry for the late reply.

I just found out I didn’t make it to the second stage interview after my first stage interview yesterday. Can’t say I’m not gutted at the moment, but it was all good experience in the end.

I have to say though, the CHP offices were very, very quiet. I could see at least 25 people working and you could probably hear a pindrop in there. Quite unnerving when you first arrive. But on the whole, the interview was alright.

Let me know how you do anyway alaawy and hope it went well for you today.


Hey guys,
Have a telephone interview coming soon with CHP…anyone have any other advice to what was given above (Thanks alaawy!!)??
Hope everyone got on well in their interviews too :slight_smile:


Hi johnjones, thanks for all the information and congratulations on getting the job :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions about your interview process: 1. Did they give you any asset finance maths questions for you to solve or did they test you to see if you understand the terminology? 2. What was the main focus of questions in your final interview and do you remember some of these questions?

Thanks alot for your help and once again congratulations on getting the job offer :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Just a quick question…
Was told to learn about “our project lifecycle” in an email from HR. I presume this is just the normal project lifecycle - initation ->planning-> execution->closure??
If anyone knows I’d be very grateful…


Good luck:)


Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the information that you’ve posted here. It’s been quite enlightening.
I have my telephonic interview with CHP on Tuesday. It would be helpful if someone could tell me what I need to prepare for it and what they are looking for from the interview. When will they tell me about the result?

Many Thanks,