Checks and forms


Has anyone been offered a job, or is working at, one of the high street banks? What proofs/checks did you have to provide? RBS asked for loads of stuff like tax returns, pay slips, GCSE, A level and degree certificates, proof of address from the past three years, proof of activities for the past two years and on and on. Is this standard practice nowadays?

I have a friend who works at HSBC and says they weren’t asked for any of this when they joined - but that was a year ago. I need will need to get all this stuff together if every bank asks for it (no mean feat!) so was wondering what other people’s experiences were? Many thanks!


Is this for a RBS investment banking position??


It’s standard practice for financial institutions to check ur records over some years.I work for Natwest n I had to show evidence of my activities in the last two friend in an investment bank had to show records for the last five years.