Cheating On Aptitude and Psychometric Tests


Hi, so I have a job application and they’ve asked me to do some online aptitude tests. I have to do one on numerical reasoning, one on verbal reasoning and one on logical reasoning. The test is with a company called SHL. I took a practice test and did okay but not that great (it’s been a while since school). I know I could practice these and get way better - but I don’t have the time between working full-time and family commitments. A friend of mine told me about a web service that takes these tests for you, and I looked into it and it looks like it would do the trick. I also called the HR department at the company I applied for and they said that they do not make you retake the test during the interview or anything like that, they also said that the test scores are used mainly to weed out people who don’t score above a certain amount, and that the interview and CV are the more important factors in terms of actually getting the job. I think I could get away with cheating the tests, and I’m not too bothered about the moral side of it. But I was wondering if anyone knows a reason that this might come back and haunt me?


Two of the four companies I’ve applied to asked me to re-do tests at the AC stage, so it’s a bit risky. Also, the more practice you get with online tests, the easier they are… so once you’ve practiced for two or three then you will just be able to do others for the other places you apply to without any practice beforehand. I think it’s worth familiarising yourself with them rather than getting them done elsewhere