Chaucer Underwriters Plc


Hi I have AC for Chaucer Syndicates on 21st, I wonder if anyone else has one? or has had one? Im unsure what I should prepare as it runs from 8.30 am to 5pm!! very long day and i havent been told anything! any help would be appreciated!


any info?


Hi! it was quite a gruelling day in fact! consisting of a HR interview, a Case study, 2 group activities and a presentation!


Did you get through?


what were they all like? and yes, how did you do?


yeah i got through. Do have any idea how many people were taken through to the last stage?


congratulations. Is the AC not the final stage? How did you get on Vickaly8? I am thinking of applying for next year


cheers. I got an email saying i have got through to a final interview so i assume that the AC was the penultimate stage. Seems a very good job so id definatly apply next year if you could.


hi guys, any news from chaucer about whether you got through?? i got to the final interview and still waiting!! how was your assessment centre


I got offered the job last wednesday. Though i think i was one of the first to be interviewed so they could still be deciding on the other places. How do you think your interview went? I think if i remember rightly they said i should call up HR and ask for an update if i hadnt heard by now, so you may want to try that?


Well done mate, who did you see in the interview? Have you asked how many they’ve already interviewed? Thought my interview went alright but you can never tell with interviewers, they keep the same face for whoever shows up. You looking forward to it, how was the assesment centre? I think there were two weren’t there. you must have been in the other one from me. Whats your name?


Hi stevens, still haven’t heard anything, it’s gettig really late so I guess it’s a no. When you starting? Any tips on what to do at final interview stage. I think that’s where I let myself down.


Hi guys,

I know this thread has not seen any new posts for years now.

But can anyone please remember/advise me on what interview questions they were asked for the graduate Actuarial scheme?

Thanks :smiley: