Character Reference


Hi Folks,

I have a question - I’ve been offered a place at the 2014 grad scheme with Deloitte a while ago, and now that I have graduated their HR forwarded me a vetting form. They ask for a whole range of things (it’s basically another application form, except you need to provide contact details of your tutors/former managers/etc.). One of the things they ask for is a character referee, which makes me feel quite uneasy. I’m not originally from the UK, so I don’t have any ‘long-standing family friends’ here, who could vouch for me with their seniority. All the people I know were either from my university or from my internships/work experiences. As for the former, they already have contact details of my tutor and a prof who employed me as a RA for a while, so doubling them as character references would be a little pointless. Other profs who got to know me are probably away for the summer so it may take ages before the verifying company manages to get anything out of them. I’ve had great relations with some of my former bosses, but then again, I face the same problem there: they are already listed as my ‘managers’ under the employment history category.

So I was thinking: would it be ok to just list a mate from my uni? Or someone I was in a student society with? At this stage it shouldn’t really matter too much, as they already gave me an offer so probably unless my referee manages to tarnish my reputation it shouldn’t really result in the offer being revoked.

Any thoughts?