Chantrey Vellacott first round interview

Chantrey Vellacott

Hi I had my Chantrey Vellacott first round interview yesterday and thought id share the experience as there are no other posts related to this firm on wikijobs.

You do a 2 part test which lasts just over an hour. This comprises of an accounting (basic book keeping) test which you follow the instructions in the front of a booklet showing you how to do double entry transactions - would recommend practicing basic double entry book keeping before the day as this can be fairly confusing for students with a non-accounting background. If you have, it is simple enough.
The written part of the assessment is 3 x 10 minute questions on accounting topics, not really any preperation required but would recommend knowing what the ICAEW does and a couple of current financial issues - only the big ones.

The interview - fairly short and informal - lasting around half an hour. The interviewer asked basic questions about your work experience and what you enjoyed about your degree in your chosen field of study. They ask if you know about the ACA qualification and what it will involve, as well asking roughly where you think you will be in 5 years time - do you want to specialise etc. Further discussions were about your hobbies and interests outside university but again was more of a chat than a question and answer session! Would recommend you revise a few questions about the job and the company or what ever to ask the interviewer as this comprises a big part of the interview.

I felt really relaxed during the interview process as it really was not as formal and intense as those conducted by PWC, KPMG etc so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, hope this helps and Good Luck!


Thank you so much. Have an interview with them this week and feel so much better about it now!


had mine a year ago and thought i would update this with what i remember.

There is a basic accounting test (bookkeeping fundamentals)

the written test :

  1. what is auditing, why is it important? what could be done to improve auditing quality?

  2. what is a business adviser? what would clients use a business adviser for?

  3. what does the ICAEW do? do you feel they are effective at what they do?

you should have plenty of time to get both tests done.

the manager is really nice and seems to appreciate chatty people so relax and just let the conversation flow


Hi zyzzbruh

Have my interview next week. Many thanks for the questions :slight_smile:


Anyone been to this recently? Are the questions still the same? What is the second interview like?


I had a first interview for CV last week and am yet to hear back from them. I can confirm that the tests and the questions are still the same though. I don’t have a background in accounting so I found the double-entry bookkeeping a little confusing - it may be worth learning about it beforehand. Also make sure you are informed enough to answer the questions.

As for the interview, it was relatively informal. Questions included career motivation, a few competency questions (dealing with an angry client, teamwork), and also a more general chat about interests and life experiences. Definitely think about questions to ask them too.


I sent an application off about 3 weeks ago and have yet to hear back, is it usual for Chantrey Vellacott to take the whole 4 weeks before getting back to you, or normally you are notified earlier whether you have been accepted to the next stage? Cheers


It took them about 2 and a half weeks to reply to my application. I wouldn’t worry.


They still haven’t got back to me yet, it’s been 4 weeks. I’m thinking that’s a bad sign?!
I wonder whether to send a followup email …


I have my 2nd interview coming up very soon! Can anyone share any of their experiences with me please?


Were the format/questions in the first interview still the same as above?


yep they’re still the same


How was your second interview? I hope it went well. I have one coming up next week and can’t find any information on what it involves so was wondering if you could give me any?