Changing office preference midway through interview process


I am through to the last round of interviews for a position at a Top 20 Accountancy firm (dont want to mention it just yet) but I’m having second thoughts about my choice of office. (I applied for one a little further away than the one closest to me believing the selection criteria to be more relaxed)

Do you think I should try and change my office preference now or wait until after the final interview?

Help please!


What service line have you applied for? It’s probably worth asking now, but they will probably say no.


I would tell them now! I know from my experience with one of the big 4 that you would have to stay attached to the office you choose until the end of your training contract. There might be exceptions but I would say something sooner rather than later!


In my experience, large firms can be difficult and inflexible when it comes to these things. Remember, they are recruiting to fill a specific resourcing need. Ask as early as possible, but I suspect they will probably say no.


I actually did that but was told that my preferred location was already full.
However, I think it’s possible that you can change your preference location before the offer has been made.


Thanks for the replies all; I’ve requested the change & have been accepted onto the recruitment drive for the alternative office (I dont want to give too many details at the moment).

I’m just hoping I haven’t p*ssed somebody off so much that my chances are seriously affected.


You should be fine! I dont think you would have pissed anyone off. If they didn’t want you to change they would have been clear about it.

Good luck with the rest of the process.