Changing office choices for graduate placements


Hi there,

I’m currently on the internship program for MC IT at canary wharf and I’m loving it so far.

I was wondering what my options were in terms of working at a different office if I am offered a place on the graduate program. For personal reasons I would prefer to work in an office outside of London ideally, my first choice would be Bristol.

Could you give me some info on how flexible this decision is?




If you speak to your People Leader / manager about this, as everyone needs to be on the same page about your future intentions. We will always have a look at the potential to change office, but please be aware that this is very much dealt with on a case-by-case basis so cannot be guaranteed in all instances. It would also be worth letting your relevant recruitment officer know about the situation as well.




Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply. What kinds of things are considered as part of whether I would be allowed to change office?

I spoke to a recruitment officer about it and they advised me to wait until I had a firm offer and then inquire about changing offices. Is this the right approach?




As I mentioned, you would also need to discuss it with your People Leader / Manager as well. Essentially, we have to look at a) whether that office is recruiting for the following year, and therefore b) how many positions (which also coincides with how many interns are currently there, and therefore could be offered places next year), c) the benchmarks for each role that you would need to meet to ensure you hit the requirements in terms of performance and scores to change, and d) whether the office are happy to accept interns which they haven’t seen “in action” yet.

So quite a few things, amongst others. I would suggest raising it with your People Leader as we would ideally line up an interview at the office you want to move to, so at least a Partner/Director has met you.

I hope this helps.