Change of location for Big 4 application


I recently applied for the Audit graduate scheme with a Big 4 company.

I managed to get through the numerical and critical reasoning tests, and was recently due to sit an interview at the location to which I applied. Unfortunately I then found out that this location was no longer recruiting for this service line. I have been allowed to transfer my application to another branch (from a short list of possible locations), and I decided to transfer to Birmingham.

I am required to fill in a form in which I have to state “from a business perspective” why I have chosen to change the location for my application. I have tried saying generally that the Birmingham office is large, well connected, and has a strong Audit department. However this is apparently not sufficient.

I have been asked to do some in-depth research about Birmingham as a business city generally (including outside of the company office). Unfortunately I don’t even know where to start looking for this info.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.



I will be starting in Birmingham Audit soon. My best advice would be to say that Birmingham is middle country so has really good access to a wide range of clients from all around the UK. It also offers the opportunity to take on more responsibility as you would envisage team sizes to be smaller…

hope that provides a little inspiration.