change an ideal client to talk in 1st interview?


Hi guys,
I’m craving to know if I could talk about another ideal client in the 1st interview different from the one on my application form?Mine on the application form was about M&S, but i think it must be one of the top popular ones. So I’m thinking to choose another one to talk about in my interview.

I’m not sure when asked how I should bring this change of client up? just wondering if you guys have any similar experience or advices to share?



From my experience, I wasn’t actually asked about my ideal client in the interview at all - is this for PwC? The purpose of that application form question is as much to show the recruiter that you are capable of forming a cogent and relevant idea and explaining it concisely as it is about illustrating your awareness of PwC services and commerical awareness… If that makes any sense.


Yes, it’s for PWC, Glasgow office. A bit far from you guys. lol
Hi Joyrevision, hmmm…your idea did make some sense, but I’m still a little confused. So for example if I was asked about why I chose M&S and how PWC could help? During the interview I could ask if I can change to talk another company, as long as I showed enough understanding about their operation…?

btw, how’s your progress with PWC? any good news?


I wouldn’t bother asking to change - it wouldn’t really accomplish much and would just perhaps show that you were indecisive. I was interviewed by a Glasgow manager for PwC and he didn’t really go anywhere near those answers that I’d provided; was more interested in my competencies etc.

Also, if you ask to change straight out, your interviewer will not only be confused (because s/he is not intending to ask you about the question in the first place), but suspicious… Anyway, its not a good idea, don’t lose sleep on it, and focus on your personal competencies.

PwC didn’t work out for me in the end, but it was a useful experience.

EDIT: Having read another topic on the front page here, I can see why you’re asking about this. Once again I’d reiterate, stick with what you’ve got, its not very good to be jumping around indecisively for no reason if you can offer a passable answer in the first place.



In my first interview with PwC, the interviewer asked me about my ideal client, she said I could use either the one from my application form or another one if I wanted to.