Chances of getting a place on a compliance graduate scheme

Deutsche Bank


Hi All,

I have a bit of a general question regarding banking and finance. I have a 2.1 in law at a top 15 UK university, went on to the Bar and then did my LL.M at a top 10 university. I have worked for a silver circle law firm’s office abroad and currently am teaching law at my former university. I want to switch over to banking, compliance specifically. I want to apply for graduate programmes this fall, just wanted an idea of the chances of getting in. I am looking at barclays, ubs, possibly the likes of deutsche bank (but not holding out much hope). Do people from my background/ with similar qualifications usually obtain such positions?

Thanks for your time!


Hi there,

Broad answer - absolutely, people with your background do obtain positions in banks!
You learn the vast majority of your training with the firm and so what you did in university isn’t as relevant. However - you need to show them that you KNOW you want to do banking and why. Do you research - understand the roles and industry fully. Also, have you considered relevant work experience? Get some shadowing/ work experience on your CV. This will show them that although you did an unrelated degree, you understand what it is to work in banking and you want it.

Also, have a think about how the skills you gained throughout your degree are relevant to the role you are applying for. Analytical skills, communication, interpretation of information etc… So you can be ready with these in interview!

Good luck! Hope this helps.


Hello, did you have any luck with your application? If so, how was the assessment centre?