Chances for a job with the Big 4 with a 2:2



I want to apply for an audit/tax position with one of the big 4 and accenture, what are my chances if I have a 2:2 from UCL in economics?


If you have exceptional circumstances, then by all means apply and put it down on your application form.


Why did you get the 2.2 KKhimji?

If you can explain it (for example - you had outside pressures which meant your studying was limited, perhaps you were president of the union/worked to pay for your studies so had less time to revise) - you might be ok.

It’s certainly worth making the applications, and worth calling each company individually to see if they can give special consideration to your application.


People do get in with a 2.2- but you have to be a pretty exceptional candidate who has a lot to show for themselves. There are probably quite a few people from UCL/Economics who are applying, so you will definately have to really justify it.

Some firms (particularly the non-[[Big 4]] firms) have slightly lower entry requirements- including 2.2


What about being an ACA only, or ACA with HND, what’s your fate.Would that still not be enough for any of the so-called big 4s?


What do you mean? I don’t believe you can get the [[ACA]] without a degree, and if you have an [[ACA]] already, chances are you want to work in industry, not in the [[Big 4]].


does it matter what firm your with as long ass your get the ACA right?


It’s a matter of opinion. [[Big 4]] firms have a certain brand recognition, but it’s not that big a deal. The [[ACA]] and what you do with it are really the important things.