challenges faced by investment banks ?


Tries goggling but not really sure what to write about. Any ideas ?


…not going bankrupt.

Is this for an application form? What do you mean?


it is for an application form for Barclays Capital. Asks what is a recent devlopment in the industry and what effect this will have on the firm or division you are applying. I thought about writing about non dom tax issues but that is more something that concerns Barclays Wealth rather than Barclays Capital.
I m thoroughly confused on what else to talk about. I am applying for the legal position and the deadline is before midnight tonight so any help would be greatly appreciated.


any help will be apprecaited


ack! i see you have like half an hour to go before the deadline. did you manage to get something?

i’d say with just general being able to stay afloat - concentrate on strong areas. db for example are focussing more on their private wealt management than IB, cos of the current situation.


Even I’ve applied, I just explained about the current financial crisis how it’s affecting, and wat could be done. Its a 90 word essay right. I think this is just to check our knowledge on current happenings.