challenges and opportunities for the hedge fund industry?


can anyone suggest some topics regarding the challenges and major opportunities for the hedge fund industry? any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Read this article from Hedgeweek about Obama’s plans to introduce more regulation for Hedgefunds, offshore investment vehicles and tax havens - [ here]. Increased financial regulation will be a growing problem and major concern for hedge funds for the foreseeable future.

If you can, read a lot of Hedgeweek, it’ll be good for your [[commercial awareness]].

Check out my recent article on the WikiJob blog about this too, [[How Obama will change the city (and city jobs)|here]].

You should also be aware of [ this recent issue] involving hedge funds massive losses for incorrectly presuming VW’s shares were about to loose much of their value and short selling them, when they actually went rocketing up in value.

Right now there are many more challenges for hedge funds than opportunities. In fact, I can’t really think of any major opportunities for hedge funds - at interview you could say “your best opportunity is to hire stars like me!” …but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Where are you applying to?