CFA + CAIA+ FRM vs masters in finance top 100 uk uni?

Finance and Accounting

Dear All,

I am a final year business management bachelors degree student with no particular major.
However lately i have found investment management interesting and a thing that i would like to do in future, have had several modules which found great but hard. As i have no experience working in the field and no actual work experience in any related subjet apart from marketing, what would you suggest me to do?
Firstly i have an option to do the obove mentioned combination of certificates, the major concern i have is that it would be difficult for person with minor education in finance and accounting and even if i do take them at what stage it would be possible to secure a job in fund management?
Second option is to do a masters in finance and investment in queen marry university or glasgow calledonian univeristy, i couldnt get offer other unis as my academic background is not strong and i hopefully would get 2:1.
Thank you very much and i would appreciate honest answers as i am ready to face reality.


My advice would be to complete your masters in Finance and Investment.
This would enable you to learn more about the investment / fund management business and allow you to assess if this is what you really want to do and if you have the talent and ability to follow this career choice.

If you do not believe that the investment field is right for you, then you will have improved your knowledge of finance and thus not wasted the year.